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I have a dozen different investments throughout the world and OneTrade Coin  rank among the absolute best.  Mike and his team are very knowledgeable in their field, professional and only look for the opportunities that promise good returns.  I am in numerous investments with OTC and can't say enough good."  

~ M.D., Dallas, TX

As an investor I am constantly searching for solid investment opportunities and the ones presented by Mike and his OneTrade Coin team always rise to the top.  Mike is a conscientious investor who maintains discipline in his underwriting and his strategy, to which his success is testament."  

~ J.T.L., Austin, TX

I own numerous investment properties and very rarely invest with others as a purely passive investor.  However, I felt very confident with  OneTrade Coin team attention to detail in analyzing the investment, his conservative underwriting approach, his research of the local market, and his thorough understanding and communication of the benefits and risks of the opportunity.  I feel comfortable that my investment expectations...

~ D.G., Torrance, CA

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03/09/2018 12:12
Perfect Money
the Perfect Money payment processor will be removed from the site, not working properly, and complaining to all of us. Perfect Money does not communicate API remedies on our site, so we've decided to remove this processor.  All members who... 
03/08/2018 09:51
Project is now running...
Hello member, investors we worked hard... we are happy to announce that the OneTrade Coin™ project is now running ... you can sign IN (sign UP)... for your office ... make a deposit and choose a plan that suits you in the m... 
03/06/2018 21:25
Referral program + Succes Bonus
Referral program + Succes Bonus added to the web  
03/05/2018 18:45
Coin Payments
Added Coin Payments integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin  
03/05/2018 10:37
Calculator - Member area
profit calculator added to member area - Investment - Deposit