Referral Program

Welcome to OneTrade Coin

 The referral program allows you to earn commissions on the investments made by people you have referred to OneTrade Coin ™

 To become our Partner you need to complete a registration form. The registration is free of charge. Every Partner receives a       personal identifier used for the invitation of new investors.

 You will receive this BONUS for each member's contribution in your structure.

 10% Bonuses up to 5 lines:

        ♦ 1 st line→ 3% from deposit

        ♦ 2nd line 1%  from deposit

        ♦ 3rd line 1,5% from deposit

        ♦ 4th line 2% from deposit

        ♦ 5th line 2,5% from deposit

 Sucess Bonus

 The bonus of success depends on your personal deposit and total deposit in your structure:


       ♦ Bronze networker→ personal deposit: $200+ total deposit in all lines: $6,000+ → Your bonus: $200

       ♦ Silver networker→ personal deposit: $500+ total deposit in all lines: $15,000+ →Your bonus: $500

       ♦ Gold networker→ personal deposit: $1000+ total deposit in all lines: $35,000+ →Your bonus: $1,000

       ♦ Platina networker→ personal deposit: $2000+ total deposit in all lines: $70,000+ →Your bonus: $2,000

       ♦ Diamond networker→ personal deposit: $3,000+ total deposit in all lines: $105,000+ →Your bonus: $3,300

             When you reach individual positions, BONUS is credited to your balance within 24 hours.

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